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Convocatoria 2023

XXII International Choral Festival of Medellín "José María Bravo Márquez"


1. The XXII International Choral Festival of Medellín "José María Bravo Márquez" - 2023 is a non-competitive event, open to choirs of all categories and from different countries. Its main objective is to share experiences, repertoires, and artistic results of each participating group, to contribute to the strengthening of choral activity.

2. The Twenty-second José María Bravo Márquez Choral Festival of Medellín will take place, September 13 to 17, 2023, in Medellín, the Valle del Aburrá Metropolitan Area and municipalities of the Department of Antioquia.

3. The concerts are free and open to the public of all ages.


1. The choirs that aspire to participate must submit the following documents to the Festival Evaluation Committee before March 5, 2023 (via email):

  • Updated resume of the director.
  • Updated choir resume (with number of members – maximum 25 lines of text not including members).
  • Repertoire proposed by the choir for the XXII International Choral Festival of Medellín (for concerts of a maximum of 45 minutes).
  • 2 pieces of its repertoire in mp3 format.
  • 2 recent recordings on video or Youtube link.
  • Contact email address.
  • Telephone numbers.

2. The Evaluation Commission will communicate its decision to the accepted choirs on April 15, 2023.


1. The organization of the Festival will assume the stay of the visiting choirs from September 12 at 6:00 p.m. until September 18 at 9:00 a.m.

2. Opening and closing

  • OPENING: September 13 at 5:00 p.m.
  • CLOSING: September 17 at 4:00 p.m.

3. The repertoire is of free choice, but they must include at least two pieces from its country or city of origin and one work by a Colombian composer.

4. The choirs designated by the Festival Evaluation Commission will participate in the closing Gala, performing works that will be announced once the choirs' participation is confirmed. They will receive the scores of the works to perform in the final participation, which will also rehearse during the Festival.

5. The participating choirs, from the moment of their accreditation in the Festival, will receive the programming of their activities, once confirmed by the logistics committee.

6. All choirs from other cities in the country or abroad will offer a daily concert on different scenarios of the city.

7. The choirs authorize their concerts to be recorded and/or broadcast on radio and/or TV. In addition, they renounce to receive values ​​for concepts of interpretation and image rights.

8. All the members of the participating choirs must assume the provisions established by the Organizing Commission regarding the program, transfers, schedules, food, and lodging. The Commission may make, and will inform, the pertinent changes if unforeseen situations or force majeure occur.

9. Choirs may not participate in activities (choral or artistic) that take place outside the established program unless they were expressly authorized by the Organizing Committee.

10. Any expense not contemplated in this invitation will be the responsibility of each choir or member.

11. Regarding any other unforeseen situation, the Organizing Commission will be at the disposal of the choirs to help them find the best solution.

12. Participants are recommended to take the necessary precautions to avoid the loss of valuables. The Organizing Commission will not be responsible for these events if they occur.

13. Insurance. Choir members must travel with their accident and medical insurance. Choirs are encouraged to take individual insurance. The Festival will NOT be responsible in case of accidents or illnesses.


1. The choirs will stay, exclusively, in the hotels determined by the Festival, in double, triple or quadruple rooms.

2. The director or director of the participating choir will have the right to stay in a single room.

3. The food will be in the places indicated by the Festival and on its behalf. Whoever if feeding is not needed, the choir must inform the Festival organization at least 48 hours before the meal to be canceled.

4. The Festival assumes the payment of lodging, food (breakfast and dinner) and transportation in Festival events, maximum 20 members per choir, plus the director (21 people). The Festival covers from dinner on September 12 to breakfast on September 18, 2023. Choirs that exceed this number must pay the Festival fifty (50) dollars per person per day. The Festival will only cover the concepts already indicated and only for choir singers, NOT for accompanists even if their number is less than that stipulated in this point. If the choir brings companions, they must pay the Festival 70 dollars a day, which includes lodging and food (breakfast and dinner).

5. The transfer of the participating groups and their directors from their city of origin to Medellin, host city of the Festival, and their respective return, will be the responsibility of each choir.

6. Foreign choirs or choirs from other cities in Colombia will have transportation from the airport to the city and vice versa, at no cost. If the members arrive on different flights, the Festival will only assume the airport-hotel transfer for the larger group.

7. Any transportation motivated by the realization of the scheduled concerts will be covered by the Festival.

Note: The expenses of the social and tourist acts will be assumed by each choir.


For effective communication, please contact Jorge Hernán Arango García: WhatsApp +573127913071


La Corporación Ensamble Vocal de Medellín es una entidad cultural sin ánimo de lucro, a la que pertenecen los coros Ensamble Vocal de Medellín y Capella Nova. Fue creada en 1996 por su actual director Jorge Hernán Arango García. Tiene como objeto la promoción y el fomento de la actividad musical, la formación de actividades musicales, la creación de eventos y, la promoción, administración y difusión de programas de carácter educativo y cultural. Una de sus principales actividades es la organización anual del Festival Coral Internacional de Medellín —José María Bravo Márquez—, con la participación de coros locales, nacionales e internacionales.


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